Workforce Training Grant

Anne Arundel Community College’s partner, Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation(AAEDC), currently has a matching workforce development grant program. The program is designed to help businesses grow and thrive in Anne Arundel County.

Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation’s Workforce Training Grant

  • Matching grant program
  • Eligible uses include: on-the-job training, classroom/ offsite training, purchasing training software, and train-the-trainer scenarios
  • Though designed primarily to train employees of companies that are expanding or plan to relocate to Anne Arundel County, AAEDC will consider other types of employee training for the program
  • Can reimburse companies for training completed at Anne Arundel Community College or other certified vendors
  • AAEDC will cover up to 50% of approved training costs
  • Employer conducts and pays for training and submits all paperwork to AAEDC to get the 50% match reimbursed
  • A limit of $1,000 per employee to be covered by AAEDC
  • AAEDC must review and approve workforce training plan before it is eligible for reimbursement

In addition, if your organization utilizes Anne Arundel Community College’s Corporate Training Group to complete your workforce training, you could be eligible for an additional 10% total funding.

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"I truly believed that we as a company were doing a good job with reference to our customers. Once we engaged Chris and the Six Sigma Process ,I quickly realized how much more we could and should be doing. It was truly eye opening. The program showed us numerous ways we can improve our customer experience and enhance our overall performance. I would highly recommend the program for every company looking to be better for the customer, the employees, and the ownership. Time and money well spent!"

Dave Normandin
Long Roofing

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