Vocational Training

A+ Essentials Part 1

CTC 423

Learn the essential skills used every day by computer support technicians.  This vendor-neutral course will prepare students through lectures from certified professionals and hands-on lab work.  Students will learn the basics of personal computer components, network connections, preventative maintenance, hardware and peripherals, operating system technologies, and laptop and portable computing device components. The lab work will give students the real-world experience that companies crave from new applicants and a confidence in the knowledge they have learned from the lectures.  It will also prepare students to take the second half of this course, which will dive further into the details of troubleshooting, computer maintenance, networking and more.


A+ Essentials Part 2

CTC 420

Separate yourself from the rest of the Information Technology crowd with this certification course. Students will learn the practical applications of the knowledge they gained in the A+ Part 1 course, delving deeper into the hardware and peripheral components that are essential to the day-to-day operations of a computer technician. Students who are familiar with troubleshooting computer issues will find that this course provides more detail and depth of knowledge. Finally, this course will cover the System Architecture of a computer system, and you’ll be ready to become an integral part of any company.


Installation and Design of Solar Panel Systems


A class designed for those who are interested in converting their home into a solar home.  By working with our certified instructors, students will go through a mix of hands on training and lecture to learn what is required to create a Photovoltaic Grid-Tied system. Topics will include design, troubleshooting, concept, theory, and installation to ensure participants gain the required experience. Students will work with a scaled down mock roof to get a feel for what it is like to install and secure solar panels in a real world scenario.  Those who complete this course will learn the most current skills and techniques needed for installing and maintaining a residential Photovoltaic System.


CPT Medical Coding

HTH 469

This course will prepare you to become an integral part of the healthcare industry. Students will learn the current language of the medical field, helping beginners understand the concepts of coding or help the experienced coder brush up on new additions and practice their coding speed. Instruction from experts will help students through various coding scenarios to fully prepare them for job advancement or placement. By the end of the course, students will be able to find work as a medical biller, coder, collector, or office administrator.


ICD-9-CM Coding Essentials


This course is for students interested in finding a job in the medical field, or for those looking to stay on top of the most current coding system.  Topics covered include an overview of the ICD-9-CM codes and their use in medical coding, guidelines for coding and reporting, steps to diagnose coding, and ICD-9-CM conventions and formats.  Our instructors will also discuss the use and purpose of the ICD-9-CM manual and identify key characteristics of each volume of the manual. Using a number of real world scenarios, participants will gain the required experience to prepare them for work in doctor’s offices, clinics, or hospitals.


Pharmacology as a Profession


This class is for students with an interest in learning the essentials of Pharmacology. We offer participants the opportunity to learn the language and skills of the field in a career-building environment.  Students will cover a variety of medications, looking at both their product and generic names.  Students will also go over the many classifications of pharmacology drugs and how they react with each system of the body.  In this 45 hour course, students will also learn about the needs of the customer through interactive examples.  Taught by our expert instructors and accompanied by a CD and study guide, the course will help students acquire the necessary skills to work in a professional environment


Medical Legal Issues


This course is designed to provide participants with an introduction to legal issues arising from within the healthcare workplace.  Students will learn about issues of confidentiality, using medical records as a legal document, aspects of parties’ authorization, and rules governing informed consent.  This 45-hour interactive course is taught by a skilled healthcare professional and uses real life situations and current health care news to support the concepts taught.  Upon completing the course, students will have acquired the skills and knowledge to help them prepare for roles in medical billing and coding.


Home Inspection (10-16044)


This course is designed for students interested in finding a position in the field of home inspection. Topics covered include: building structures; heating and cooling systems; electrical systems; plumbing; and ventilation. Through a mix of hands-on training and lecture, students will discover how to uncover building defects, determine if homes require further repair prior to sale, and prepare reports for the home buyer. By the end of the course, students will have gained the knowledge and skills to prepare for taking the home inspector license examination. Costs associated with the license exam are not included in the tuition.


6/6/17 – 08/22/17

Tuesday and Thursday
06:30PM – 9:30PM
Saturdays: 6/23, 7/22, 8/12
08:30AM – 02:30PM
No Class July 4th

7/31/17 – 10/16/17

Monday and Wednesday
06:30PM – 9:30PM
Saturdays: 8/26, 9/16, 10/7
08:30AM – 02:30PM
No class Monday, September 4, Labor Day

$4,820 per participant




In this course you will be introduced to the field of MIG welding. With a focus on both practice and theory, this three-day course will offer you the ability to learn the proper safety etiquette, perform machine maintenance, operate various types of machinery, and explain the different principals used to be able to successfully weld. Following extensive safety demonstrations, you will receive training conducted by master welders.  You will be provided with specific demonstrations accompanied by an opportunity to practice what you learned.  Due to the presence of heavy machinery, proper attire is required. Students must wear steel capped safety shoes, along with full-length cotton shirt and pants. Loose fabrics should be avoided, and glasses should be worn instead of contact lenses.


Advanced Welding


This follow-up course to Welding follows the same methodology of practice and theory to introduce you to the next level of welding technology.  From master welders you will acquire more advanced skills in MIG welding and begin to explore the process of TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding as well as receive an introduction to the use of Metal Arc welding machines, and techniques for oxy-acetylene burning and welding.  Safety procedures will be examined in detail and students will learn how to operate welding equipment while assuming various physical positions to weld in awkward locations.  Students must wear steel capped safety shoes, along with full-length cotton shirt and pants. Loose fabrics should be avoided, and glasses should be worn instead of contact lenses.